Who are we?

We're a startup-savvy team building an incubator-studio for early-stage tech startups. Our invest+incubate program (focused on the dual themes of "smarter data systems" and "smarter communities") should be ready to launch later this year, but we already periodically hold online pitch+learn events to connect with startup founders and early-stage investors. We're based in Vancouver, Canada, but open to the world!

Join us at our next event!

Be the first to know of our upcoming online pitch+learn events by adding yourself to our event announcement list. We've been holding these since April 2020 and strive to combine interesting software-focused startups with experienced judges (e.g., ex-founders, like Eric Ly, co-founder of LinkedIn, VCs, angel investors, and corporate innovation leaders), as well as a learning module on a topic of interest to early-stage startup founders and investors.

N.B. If you're an early-stage startup founder (i.e., your company has not yet raised a $1M+ seed investment round), please go here to fill out an application form to be considered to pitch at an upcoming event.