Early-stage startups
have an unfair advantage
during uncertain times.

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Are you a founder of an early-stage, software-focused* startup and have not yet raised a $1M+ seed investment round? We invite you to pitch to get some feedback from our friendly judging panels, visibility to our growing audience of investors, and, for the winners, $10,000 in AWS cloud services credits + a selection of sponsor-provided promotions (varies each time) + mentorship by the Badhouse team in the subsequent months.

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You can be based anywhere, but keep in mind that our events will typically be scheduled to start around 4pm PT (Vancouver time).

* So that there's no misunderstanding, we also mean startups using AI techniques or blockchain stacks. We're open to hearing about all software-driven startups, working at the application layer, or down in the plumbing at the protocol layer.

Upcoming event

To be announced; likely to be in November.

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Join us on the 30th to ask questions and vote on your favourite pitch.

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